Polish Blood

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Prýgl Boris / Nekoranec Petr - GUESTS

We do not need to be a member of the fraternal presence of the Oscar of the Netherlands. The European Ombudsman, who formed the first years of the Slovenian national division, was not only a significant figure, but also a significant one, who insisted on world-wide openings and concert halls, as well as on the original composition. Its most significant dielo, which, until now, has been awarded the repertoire of the Hudobných divadelas, is primarily the Polish Krv. In the humorous situation of the ship Bolek Baranski is still standing due to the dissolved life of the state and the inescapable friends in the collapse, so he wants to take care of his ineffective financial situation on the part of the appointed Council. This resists him with the heroic figure of Zaremba, who is not in his free reindeer Helena. Since the handling of financial problems in this area is a reflection of all the complications and uncertainties, it can be said that the problem of poverty in the current situation or in our divadellations is a sign of poverty. Under the auspices of Marián Vácová, who, at all SND Operas, is predicted first and foremost with the flexible Hudobný naštudovaní, and in the role of Marián Chudovské, will be implemented through a judge and a host at the opening of a house.

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March 2020
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Slovak National Theatre - SND, New Building

The New Building of the Slovak National Theatre was designed by the architects Martin Kusý, Pavol Paňák and Peter Bauer. Their proposal won the competition that brought together fifty-three projects. The building stretches over seven stories. It houses over two thousand rooms and three main halls (The Opera and Ballet Stage, and the Drama Stage, and The Studio). The building is also home to a restaurant seating 1,200, a club, café, libresso and a kitchen.

The noble feel of the building is further enhanced by a number of outdoor and indoor art pieces. A fountain by Alexander Biľkovič, Iľja Skoček and Pavol Bauer is located in the front court. The entrance lobby prides itself with the Spring by the architect Pavol Bauer and the painter Dušan Buřil. The splendour of the front is further enhanced by the cascade by peter Roller and two towers by the architect Pavol Bauer. In addition to these works that are part of the building, the indoor areas are often decorated with theatre costumes and exhibitions.

SND New Building opened on 14 April 2007 at 7PM. The opening ceremony was attended by the then President of Slovakia Ivan Gašparovič and Minister of Culture Marek Maďarič.


How to get there


The venue opens to visitors one hour prior to the beginning of the performance.



Visitors attending any SND performance are welcome to park free of charge, on the parking lot adjacent to the theatre.



The public transport lines that take you to the SND are bus lines No 28, 50, 70, 78, 88, 95, 133, 801 and tram lines No 2, 4, 5 & 6 that stop at the square Šafárikovo námestie, as well as the trolleybus line No 210.



Bus stop SND New Building (adjacent to the SD New Building):
Bus line No 28
Bus line No 133
Bus line No 801 (international bus line)

Bus stop Landererova (adjacent to the SND New Building): 
Bus line No 50 (from the direction OD Slimák)
Bus line No 88
Bus line No 95

Bus stop Malá scéna (within walking distance):
Bus line No 70
Bus line No 78

Bus line No 50 (in the direction from the Aupark)
Bus line No 28 (also servicing the bus stop SND New Building/Nová budova SND)
Bus line No 95 (also servicing the bus stop Landererova)
Bus line No 133 (also servicing the bus stop SND New Building/ Nová budova SND)


Tram stop Šafárikovo námestie (within walking distance)

Tram lines No 2, 4, 5 & 6 (an option to transfer to bus lines No 95 – stop Malá scéna, and/or Landererova, No 78 – stop Malá scéna)


Stop Nová budova SND/ SND New Building (adjacent to the SND New Building):

Trolleybus stop Ni 210 (in the direction from the main train Station/ Hlavná stanica Bratislava – stop Nová budova SND ( SND New Building)

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